Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our Lost Dog

Has been found.
We know what we call him, but won't say his name aloud anymore.
We lost him in-between.
The person who saw him, I wish him well.
But, at the crucial moment, the whole crew stepped up.
Screaming out our dog's name.

He's very loyal.
Just like us Sammeeeees.


Nymphus said...
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Nymphus said...

There’s the smell in the air , rubbedd from an ad in a magazine ,
There’s that lust in my eyes their hearts light up like TV screens

June is busting out all oover
June is busting out all over

How could you look the way you do whenn we can do so much for you
A drug for eyes, a drug for hips , a drug tto give you sweeter lips to kiss

A screw, a pull, a twist , the drug that makes you prettiesst

June is busting out all over
June is busting out all over

It’s saad but true, you’ll be ignored - Unless you have a credit card
Imagine life fulfilled and fun you could be a model or just feel like one
Girls, the men are playying court , to us, girls are playing everything they ought
Because we’re beautifiers, face-ddestroyers, aunts, mothers, sisters, daughters
Buy it use it, feel it, let it , If you don’t, yoou’re ugly sad and traggic

An 85 step diet plan - You need to try to please that man
Your finger nails are red like clawss - but it’s nnot for a worthy cause because

It’s june aand busting out all over
June is busting out all over

The pain’s not bad , It’s sommething like a wet electric shock
But hee’s your fella , And you love him
And all the rest is talk